Music at St. Mary's, Bocking

The Choir

St. Mary’s Choir is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music and currently has 20 members. Its main purpose is to lead the worship every Sunday at the 10.00 service of Sung Eucharist.

Choir practice is normally held every Wednesday evening from 7.30-8.30 pm.

We are always happy to welcome new members, young or old! You don’t have to read music –just as long as you enjoy singing. So if you fancy joining us please contact the Director of Music, Jeremy Nicholas, after any Sunday service at coffee or ring 01371-810641.

As St Mary’s is one of the most popular venues in Essex for weddings – over 40 annually – the choir is available to enhance the services, singing a wide range of suitable music for the occasion. We can also provide soloists (singers and instrumentalists) if required.

The Organ

The organ is a fine two-manual instrument by Norman & Beard built in 1905. It has 9 speaking stops on the Great Organ, 9 on the Swell Organ and 4 on the Pedal Organ. The action throughout is tubular-pneumatic. After some years of deterioration, the organ was fully restored in 2002 by The Village Workshop, Finchingfield.

The new West End Organ section is an inspiring enhancement of our worship at St Mary’s.

Though the main organ is a fine instrument, because of the acoustics of the church its carrying power is strongly diminished whenever there is a large congregation. Over the past few years, with a growing number regularly attending services and with a large number of weddings each year, it was felt that the organ needed ‘a helping hand’.

We were delighted when The Village Workshop of Finchingfield, Essex, who had done such a magnificent job restoring the 1905 Norman & Beard, won the contract to install the new West End section.

This consists of four ranks -Open Diapason, Principal, Fifteenth and Trumpet, part of which is en chamade - a total of 232 pipes, many of which are inscribed with the names of their sponsors and benefactors. All the pipework was obtained from a redundant Norman & Beard organ of the same vintage as the St Mary’s instrument with the exception of the en chamade Trumpet section which has been specially made. The West End organ is operated by rocker stop key units placed in the area above the Swell manual with a separate bellows and wind chest situated in the choir vestry.

For more information on the organ at St. Mary's Church, please click here